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Food therapy, eating habits and stress management are all important for digestive health

Food therapy:ØFood therapy helps with feeding difficulties due to sensory integration issues, autism, behavioral problems, and other unresolved or undiagnosed needs. It is similar to what occupational therapy or physical therapy achievesIt’s important to be included in an occupational therapy services. ØThis is a tool that makes a direct connection between what we eat and how we feel, between mood and food health guidelines would have us believe that eating well is primarily about nutrition. Not true. Eating right is about preparing the right food for how you happen to be feeling. This is a tool that inspires you to make and then act  Eating habits:Below mentioned points should be taken care ØImbalanced diet ØPoor absorptions ØGut Inflammations index ØDairy products and Gluten rich diet ØPoor digestive enzymes or lack of digestive enzymes ØChronic or acute diseases ØLack of Magnesium ØLack of gut flora ØProcessed food ØSugar and salt-rich diet ØLow fiber ØExcess use of antibiotics ØPhysical and Ment…

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